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The Territory
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Oltrepò, a place to live and discover

The Bosco Longhino Bed&Breakfast offers 3 double rooms with a double bed (and the option to add a cradle or 1-2 single beds)

Tea and coffee-making facilities are available in the rooms; a minibar is usable too for your comfort. We provide each guest with a welcome kit, bath towels and bathrobe. The three rooms share 2 bathrooms, equipped with both shower and bath unit. Guests can share a patio, furnished with table for breakfast, and a living room for relax, with TV and wifi. The cost of accommodation is inclusive of breakfast; renting a bike is free of charge.

If you want to visit the Versa Valley and Oltrepò Pavese area for your holiday, we can provide you with a bed&breakfast accommodation. In Danila and Marco’s house you’ll feel at home: guestrooms are ready. You can have your breakfast in the patio or in the big kitchen with the wood stove, overlooking the vineyards. The self-service buffet offers homemade cakes and biscuits and a selection of cold cuts and cheeses from local production, combined with the typical bread, called “micca”. Local bakery delivers it every morning.

Oltrepò area deserves to be discovered for its nature and amazing landscapes. Cycling or taking a stroll is relaxing in the gentle hills, among vineyards, woods and meadows. Borrow a bike from us and go up and down, on the top of the hills and in the small valleys to enjoy this fertile land between the Lombardy Plain and the Apennines.
From the small town of Varzi to the Zavattarello Castle, there are a lot of picturesque stone villages in Oltrepò. These quiet, ancient hamlets are surrounded by beautiful hills.

In some areas vineyards dominate the view, like here in the Versa Valley, whilst woods are predominant elsewhere, like in the Scuropasso Valley or in the verdant Nizza Valley. The landscape is made up of rolling slopes carved by creeks, with their fast-flowing waters in spring and white stream beds in dry periods of summer.
Everywhere, all-year, any time is a good time to taste wine, cold-cuts and dishes of local tradition.
Danila will suggest the excursions that better comply with your interests.

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Visits and tastings
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Visits and tastings in the cellar

We welcome customers in the family for a visit to the countryside or to the cellar to accompany them to the tasting in our wine shop. A special place, where you can taste the bouquet of our wines alongside a homemade snack.

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L’Oltrepò Pavese

The Foundations of Modern Oenology

Since the period after the Second World War, the people of Oltrepò have been associated with viticulture, cultivating traditional grape varieties, such as Croatina and Moscato, and importation varieties, such as Riesling from Germany, or Pinot from France. Sparkling wines, produced using highly technical procedures, have made the Valle Versa and its classical method ‘champenoise’ famous. These types of wines utilize the most advanced practices in the Faravelli winery.

The care for the vineyards at Bosco Longhino is oriented towards respect for the land, choosing low impact agricultural practices of the Lombardy Region Rural Development Program. In the vineyards, the rows have grass covers to protect the soil from erosion and to maintain the environment suitable for insects such as bees, butterflies, ladybirds, and for wildlife. Phytosanitary treatments are only used as protective measures, in order to prevent plant diseases, and implemented with cautious restraint. Evaluating plant protection products carefully allows us to avoid the use of products classified as ‘harmful’ or ‘toxic’.

Earth, Humanity and Sky

The Oltrepò area is not only vineyards. It is a territory of the highest environmental value, welcoming extraordinary biodiversity. Up to 94 species of birds and 53 species of butterflies can be found in the hills of Oltrepò. Protecting this special wildlife is a challenge for farmers. Faravelli take on the task striving to maintain a diverse mosaic of ecosystems: with hedges, patches of forest, grassy margins and isolated trees, all in order to preserve the habitats essential to the forms of life that are irreplaceable for the prosperity of the vines and human health.

Bosco Longhino is a part of the ‘Vigneti e Natura’ project in Oltrepò, a network of farms that have signed a voluntary vineyard management protocol discerning biodiversity friendly farming practices. Formed on the belief that wine not only concerns the quality of the winery itself, but above all the quality and beauty of the land. The partial grassing of the vineyards, and the maintenance of bordering areas for wild shrubs, are examples of practices employed. These help strengthen soil, lessen the run-off of nutrients and host insects that provide food for birds that then remove species harmful to the vine.

Lives in the vineyards